Learn How To Play Acoustic Guitar For Free

You can learn to play the acoustic guitar learn basic guitar chords and in a few short lessons you will be able to play some of your favourite songs. 

You're going to find it a breeze as I show you step-by-step with free acoustic guitar lessons. 

I'll take you through each lesson and which chords to learn with easy guitar chords to print out. You'll be able to watch a few online lessons and teach yourself guitar right here. 

It doesn't matter what acoustic you start with even a cheap guitar will be fine to learn on. You can always upgrade to a better acoustic as your playing improves. 

One of the first things you need to learn is how to change the strings and tune up as any guitar will tune and sound much better with a new set of strings.

acoustic guitars

Learn to play your favorite songs

The best way to play songs is to learn how to read guitar tabs this will give you access to hundreds of songs online. As you improve your guitar skills and your listening skills you will be able to instantly work out chords and melody by yourself.

Ok, let's pick up our acoustics and get started! 

What would you like to learn first?

  • How to tune your acoustic
  • How to string your guitar
  • Step by step free guitar lessons
  • Learn basic guitar chords
  • Learn how to read guitar tabs
  • How to write a song like a Pro
  • Find free recording software

I have taught many different age groups over the years and while a few players do get serious about becoming a professional the best way to start is to have fun and enjoy it. You'll find the lessons easy and relaxed with no pressure to be perfect.

You can also share photos or videos of your acoustic guitar and tell the world about it!

I hope you enjoy all the info on AcousticGuitarGuru.com 

It's the place where everything acoustic is cool!

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